IT Support Apprentice

Kingston, United Kingdom | Permanent, full-time
| £150 per week (Apprenticeship)
Ref: RD157 (5 months ago)
College:  Kingston College
Apprenticeship Course:  Level 3 Infrastructure Technician
Entry Qualifications: GCSE or level 2 Maths and English grade 9-4 or A* -C
This is a great opportunity to develop a career in IT Support. This is a small team that covers a lot of different areas of IT. The company are looking for someone to start out helping with service desk tickets, with the view to training up towards managing networks, servers, virtualisation and many different systems.
This is a great role for someone who has a passion for working in IT. You will be good at researching information on your own to get a basic understanding of new technologies. You will also be able to understand new concepts quickly. You will need to have good communication skills to be able to talk to customers and understand their problems.
The company are not looking for someone with lots of IT work experience, what they would like to see is a demonstration of a genuine interest in IT.

For example;
*Taking apart, upgrading or building your home pcs.
* Utilising simple home networking. (Something more than just getting internet access, for example a basic knowledge of IP Addresses or port forwarding).
* Installing windows themselves.
* Breaking your computers and fixing them (or learning from your mistakes).
* Some simple programming experience (Writing a few hello world applications).
* Experimenting with technologies to see how they work

Kingston, United Kingdom

Map showing Kingston, United Kingdom